Enlightened Community

Enlightened Community


Our Story

Photonic Therapy Institute is passionate about Light! Our staff are all certified in Photopuncture (Acupuncture with Light) and Light Therapy for Horses, Humans and Pets.

We have teamed up with the top names in Energy Therapies to bring you the best, most effective education program today. Our goal is to help you achive amazing results using any light therapy devise on yourself, your family, your horses and your pets!

Our Instructors

Maggie Michel – Equine & Canine
The Balanced Horse is able to scan and use light to reduce pain and increase blood flow in horses for optimal performance, tune-ups and energy.

Tami Blake – Equine
I am a certified Photopunture Technician in light therapy for horses and have completed courses in the Masterson Method of integrated equine body work.

LETS (Light Energy Training Seminars) – Human CLTI and CLTII

Contact PTI

(304) 805-4448 = 304-80-LIGHT
PO Box 778, Sonoita, Arizona 85637


Because we love light and will teach you to use any light therapy device you have – we are not a manufacturer and give unbiased education for ALL species.

We want to spread the word about the benefits of healing with light and help you get started quickly and affordably.

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