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Blue light for post surgical relief

A long time client of mine came in for a session following post right axillary lymph node removal . Her surgeon requested no manual lymphatic work or oils on that site for 4-8 weeks. She was experiencing burning and pain in the surgical site I worked on surrounding areas with CST, Manual Lymphatics, Fascia/meridian therapy releases and used torches on specific meridian points for brain and lymphatics.

PTI Blue Photopuncture TorchAt the end of the session, she asked if she could borrow my Blue light torch to take home and light up the post surgical area since the lights have been so helpful in previous sessions. I gave the torch to her with the understanding that this was her personal choice to make . I saw her three days later for her second post op session. She came in with a big smile, “All my burning pain is gone and the swelling significantly decreased! How do I purchase my own torches for self care?” Since adding the torches to my bodywork, I have seen significant positive changes with clients recoveries.

Suzette Howland
Well-Being Integrative Therapy, Inc.
Providing Therapeutic Bodywork that prioritizes parasympathetic regulation as the foundation for restorative healing responses.

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