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Helping a Dachshund to walk again!

I received a call for a dachshund who has IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). The vet said that the surgery to correct the issue would be $8000 Canadian dollars. The owner went into panic mode trying to determine how she was going to find money for this expensive surgery.

She had heard about me and decided to call and have me come over and work on her beloved pet. When I arrived, Chrissy was not able to walk at all on her hind legs.

I began her session using the red light torches on the parasympathetic points. Next I activated the points in her hip area then finished up with 5 minutes of red/infrared pads on her hips.  When I was done, she tried to stand but didn’t have much success.

Over the next week, I did a total of 4 sessions. By the third session she was walking, but unsteady. By the forth session, she came over to me for her session and by the end she was stable. Within a couple weeks, she got stronger and stronger and is now running with her other dog family like there was never an issue to begin with.

How happy do you think her owner was to have NOT spent the $8000. I have a client for life. 🙂

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