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Enlightened Community

Lighting up a Ruptured Tendon

Hi Kay, I slipped on a wet step ladder on the 19th November, and went to A&E after passing out 3 times trying to walk after it had happened.  I had no idea I’d passed out outside.

X-Rays confirmed no break but examination and palpation confirmed zero Simmonds Reflex of my Achilles and a visible gap where my Achilles should have been. I was put in an equinus cast to minimize damage and was referred to orthopedic trauma surgeons. Was seen 2 days later and a 99% Achilles rupture with only a few fibers hanging on in there … also a 6cm tear in my calf.

Was given the Vacoped boot which I’m allowed to take off to clean my leg/foot … so took the opportunity to use red light therapy during the break from my boot 😁. Used my light therapy belt which is dual red and infrared for half an hour at a time … I truly believe this has helped.

Ruptured Achilles take a long time to heal as the blood supply is so poor.  I firmly believe that this has helped increase blood flow to the area.  I’m pretty much pain free too … just my other ankle that hurts now due to full weight bearing and uneven walking on crutches.

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