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Alethea is a 95lb Belgium Malinois who loves life and plays hard.  During one of her adventures she ended up with a douzy of a thorn in her paw.

Upon entering the house she had a slight limp and would favor her front paw while standing. Upon first inspection it appeared to be a small pebble size piece of wood impacted in the superficial pad of her paw, but didn’t dislodge upon a gentle tug. 

The thorn that was embedded in her paw.

Next step, we used a pair of pliers to remove the object with a fast, smooth movement. The object was 1.5″ long. We allowed the injury to bleed out to insure nothing remained.

Protocol used:

  • 3 minutes, red plus torch on high to first stop the bleeding.
  • Followed by lymph drainage.
  • Cleaned the blood from her paw and inspected for any other slivers.

30 minutes later, repeated the Protocol to help speed the healing, reduce any pain and inflammation.

Here is the wound after her Light Therapy!

1 hr later she was back to herself!

Repeated Protocol the next day to insure the healing continued. There was no visible signs of injury 2 days later. Paw no longer hurts upon palpation.

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