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I use light for everything!

Brace yourself before reading this…. 😉

I was using an electric shaver to shave my bikini area and caught and cut my labia. Painful to say the least. I doctored it up and thought it was fine.

A couple of weeks or so later, I thought I had developed a UTI and/or kidney infection. My genitals were swollen and I noticed part of the labia had not grown back and was hanging there. Honestly I was a bit freaked out and had no idea on what to do.

I asked Kay if one of the torches would work and she said ‘probably but won’t hurt either way’. She handed me the Red infrared.

The first couple of times I used it, it felt really hot. I said to Kay that I thought they didn’t get hot and she said they don’t- check the torch. I checked it and sure enough it wasn’t hot. It just felt hot because it was healing the tissue.

After 3 days, it was no longer hot and the tissue had grown back together. After 5 days, I no longer had any UTI/Kidney infection symptoms and my genitals were back to normal size. Crisis averted!

Since then I have been doing my points everyday and I use my torch for everything from my teeth (after cavitation surgery for pain and to kill any infection) to my toes- as in I stubbed my toe REALLY bad and was in excruciating pain and the red torch took the pain away.

These torches are a medicine kit for all that ails you. I highly recommend!!

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