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Torch Care and Use

Getting to know your PTI Photopuncture Torch

Basic Instructions for Using the Photopuncture Torch

Photopuncture™ is usually performed by applying red light directly to the skin above any area of pain or selected acupoints.  Hold the torch to the point for 15 – 30 seconds per point.  When activating energy points, we recommend starting with no more than once a day and 3 times a week is usually a good place to start for keeping the body’s energy flowing.

The Photopuncture torches are also excellent for helping to lower pain and increase circulation in any area of the body that is in need of care.  When treating pain in an area, apply the torch directly over the area of greatest pain and then gradually shift it a few inches at a time, every 30 seconds or so.

Caring for your Photopuncture Torch

Prevent Damage

When you are not actively using your torch, prevent scratching of the bulb and build up of dust or grime by storing them either in the hard-shell case or the neoprene belt bag.


Cleaning the bulb

To clean the lens of your Photopuncture Torch bulb, simply use an alcohol wipe or cotton swab soaked in alcohol to clean and disinfect the area.  This can be done as often as necessary without damage to the bulb.

BEST PRACTICE NOTE:  If you are working in or around any open wound or messy area, simply cover the torch with clear plastic film while working with that client and then dispose of the film.

Cleaning the Torch

The Photopuncture torch is water-resistant, although not water-proof.  It should not be immersed in liquid.  It can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth or alcohol wipe and then allowed to dry thoroughly.



To install your battery, unscrew the rear (switch area) of the light to insert the battery Insert the battery with the positive (+) side first (with the black ring around five points) and the negative (flat side) facing the on / off button. the light will not operate if the battery is reversed.

Charging and Recharging Batteries

For optimal results, please use the batteries provided with your Torch.

Make sure that your battery is fully charged. We suggest using the 1A setting on the charger included in your kit.  Follow the instructions that came with the battery charger in your kit.  To prevent down-time, keep a second back-up battery charged and ready.

Typically, a fully charged battery will provide a minimum of 3 hours of continuous use at the High mode. There is no need to let them drain all the way down before recharging.

Using with Essential Oils

Using the red-light from your Torch to help the body to quickly absorb and respond to essential oils is a great idea. However, these oils can be quite caustic and cause damage to the bulb.   When using with essential oils, either hold the Torch away from the skin during use, or cover the torch with plastic film.


We want you to be certain that our light works for you!  Your PTI Photopuncture Torch comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.  To return your (working) light for any reason during the first 30 days, please return the entire Photopuncture Light Kit along with your name, address, phone, email, and purchase date to:

Photonic Therapy Institute
PO Box 778
20 Lightning Bar Lane
Sonoita, AZ 85637

Your Photopuncture Torch is warrantied for 1 year from the date of purchase.  If your Torch quits working we will repair or replace it at no charge. If you should encounter any issues with your Torch please contact PTI at 304.805.4448 or warranty@PhotonicTherapyInstitute.com for a Return Authorization From.  PTI will not be held responsible for Torches not working due to physical damage to the case, lens or clip.


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