Lee Grove

Lee Grove
Photonic Therapy NW
Nine Lake Bellevue

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Greater Seattle/Eastside

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Therapy Office / Clinic

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InLight Polychromatic Pad Systems, CareLight Systems, PTI Photopuncture Torches, LightStim Esthetics



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About Me:

Photonic Therapy NW was born out of fascination with what life is, the biological and chemical processes that contribute to, and embraces all aspects of health. The role of light, the many sources of light and the ways light modulates everything from our overall health, to specifics like moods, brain and cellular function was a perfect match! What started out as learning and educational interest in Light Therapy and how to use it for animals, has led to diving in, whole heart, and expanding the education to include humans, and many species of pets. Our family and women owned business is now open to provide Light Therapy Services for pain management, well being, anti-aging, to speed up muscle recovery and so much more!

We are here to work together with you, toward achieving your individual health goals, and to address your health issues so that you are empowered to take charge of your health using this proven and phenomenal modality. All the changes of late underscores the importance of managing every day stresses, and our health depends on it. Our Brand encompasses our promise to you, and we look forward to exposing you to Light and all the benefits it has to offer! Schedule your session to Renew, Restore, Replenish with us!

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