Sandra Burkhart

Light Therapy Resource
5345 Willow View Drive

Coverage Area:

Serving the cities in Ventura County, California Devices available for purchase in the U.S.

Offering Services for:

Everyone deserves to experience light therapy!

Service Locations:

Therapy Office / Clinic
Client's Home
Virtual Consults

Tools Used:

Pads, Torches, Panels


Certified Light Therapist

Certifying Agencies:


About Me:

Sandra Burkhart, owner of Light Therapy Resource, is a recent arrival to the light therapy world. After suffering for several years with chronic and debilitating osteoarthritis, spending thousands of dollars on physicians visits and products that provided little to no relief, Sandra was introduced to light therapy and personally experienced the life changing benefits of focused light to target specific ailments. However, Sandra became frustrated with the misinformation and inflated pricing in the market and as a result, she decided to use her 30 years of sales and corporate management experience to break through the marketing hype and create an honest, trustworthy and ethical company offering high quality light therapy devices at a reasonable price. And Sandra didn't stop there, she has focused on on all aspects of the customer buying experience, from the detailed product listings and simple online checkout process to the customized manuals and ongoing customer support provided by Sandra and her team, a US based company! Sandra currently offers ongoing light therapy sessions in her home or offsite as well as light therapy devices for the home or office available through her website. Sandra also offer the opportunity to host in home pop ups alongside her in person or virtually. Pop up hosts have the opportunity to earn free products from the Light Therapy Resource store in exchange for helping Sandra grow her business and share the amazing benefits of light therapy!
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