Stacey Currie

ABAS of Western Massachusetts
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Massachusetts, south/central New Hampshire and Vermont

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Stacey Currie, of Soaring Horse Holistic Equine Therapy, has combined a lifetime of horse experience with an education that supports an integrative approach to equine health. After a three year study at the East/West Institute of Alternative Medicine (The Boston Institute of Shiatsu & Complementary Therapies), she completed a degree in Holistic Therapy from Lesley University. During this time, Stacey attended The Geary Whiting Equine Massage School, in California, where she learned traditional equine sports massage.

Through the years Stacey has pursued continuing ed. courses in Photopuncture Therapy, Masterson Technique, Equine Body Alignment and Reiki. Stacey rounded out her proverbial ‘toolbox’ in 2020 by becoming a Board Certified Light Therapist with The Photonic Therapy Institute.

In an effort to diversify, Stacey branched out into a clinic format in 2020 successfully holding numerous equine massage events as well as collaborating with an Equine Chiropractor to combine both crafts in an ideal clinic setting. Over the past nine years Stacey has continued to grow in a way that has allowed her to build a solid business by combining all aspects of her education to develop a truly unique approach to effective equine body work.

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