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Easy Peasy T-Pad Helmet!

Lighting the Brain doesn’t need a separate tool or have to be difficult. I love using my InLight Pad Systems instead of hard plastic helmets specifically because of their versatility. Using pads means I can then light any other area of the body with the same tool.

Also, most of the light tools being sold for lighting the brain don’t address what is, in my opinion, the most important area. And that is the lymph drainage that flows from the base of the brain down into the neck and chest back to the circulatory system. When that is clogged by the oxidative stress that is so prevalent throughout our society, it prevents the brain from being able to flush out waste material and cleanse itself.

So here is my 3 step process for creating a helmet with T-Pads in 3 easy steps.

2 thoughts on “Easy Peasy T-Pad Helmet!”

  1. I have been using the bigger inlight pad and the smaller pad to make my soft helmet for treating my parkinsons. I am seeing really good results. Been treating myself for about 3 months. I am really excited about my progress.

  2. I made the brain cap and started yesterday (January 5, 2023) as a weekly “healthy brain” pro-active health modality to my health and wellness. I’m 60 years young; my hubby is 72, and he is starting today. Once a week for continued brain health is as easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy as this blog suggests. I am using the T-pads. (Just need to get better velcro! Plenty of H2O afterwards and before is always good!

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