PTI Referral Partner Program Overview

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Photonic Therapy Institute pays commissions to LUMINARY MEMBERS who refer students and customer to our programs and products.  We are not a multi-level marketing company (although we love and support good ones).

Here is an overview of our commission program:

  • 20% commission on all online courses, live classes*, membership subscriptions and equipment sold by Photonic Therapy Institute.
  • Up to 40% commission on PTI Photopuncture Torch Kits (see Photopuncture Torch Commission Program for details)
  • FYI – You don’t have to sell our equipment if you are already a distributor for a company that you respect – but you can still offer our classes and memberships.
  • Your customer is ALWAYS your customer – unless you drop your Luminary membership
  • Promotion of YOUR Light Therapy Events – We help drive customers to your events – in YOUR name!
  • Business Coaching – for Light Therapists and Light Therapy Equipment Sales
  • You get to share our amazing “Light Therapy Basics” course to your customers and clients – FREE!
  • Marketing support
  • Social Media content, posts, and scientifically backed Light Therapy Information for you to share!
  • PTI Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Car Magnets, Booth Banners (which you personalize with your name and contact info) are available at our Vistaprint Portal